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A.I. can help solve America’s education crisis.

In higher education, enrollments were dropping as tuition climbed even before the ongoing pandemic. The country needs a new paradigm. Artificial intelligence is part of the answer.

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AI Helping Students Improve Their Scores In Less Than 24 Hours.

With over 1 million subscribers in South Korea, an AI-enabled learning platform, quickly became popular with its highly educated generation Z.

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Business Insider – Exclusive.

Here's the pitch deck South Korean startup Riiid used to raise $42 million to build AI-powered education technologies.

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Education tech investments boom in 2020 focused on AI solutions.

Investors are betting that new, AI-driven approaches to education will persist after the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Riiid Labs Signs $ 3M Deal with INICIE & CASA GRANDE.

Riiid Labs announced two new partnership contracts worth over USD 3 million with Grupo INICIE (Brazil) and Casa Grande (Colombia & Puerto Rico), two of the largest education companies in Latin America.

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Unite.AI – Interview Series.

Yohan Lee, Chief Strategy Officer at Riiid Labs, shares his insight into the inevitable emergence and global impact of AI in education.

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The AI 100 is CB Insights' annual list of the 100 most promising private AI companies in the world. Riiid was one of only two EdTech companies making the list.

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Riiid Labs Partners with DXtera.

DXtera Institute and Riiid Labs are pleased to announce a long-term collaboration that will accelerate the development of artificial intelligence (AI) tools in education.

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AI. Here, There, Everywhere.

Machine-learning solutions are making their way into the test preparation market, poised to disrupt a multibillion-dollar global industry.

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